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OOC: Potential new member

I've been emailed by somebody who might be interested in playing Ann. She's currently just watching the RP to get a bit of a feel for it, but if she decides to join, what does everyone think? I know we've so far been playing as if Ann died, but I'm sure there's some way we can 'bring her back' if she wants to play? I think it'd be a nice surprise for the characters..!

I'd like to hear any opinions on this - exsanguinated, feel free to comment here too.

Also, what do people think about the current state of non-participating players? I know it's awkward when people have characters but don't play, but it's also tricky to broach the subject without sounding like a domineering mod. Any advice for me here? (Also, does anyone else know of anyone who might be interested in joining? C'mon, get pimping for lostsoulsrp!)

Thanks guys
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I think bringing Ann back would be a nice little twist to play off.

As far as the non-participating players go I think that is a touchy subject for sure. I've seen some boards that have minimum posting requirements and if this is not met they are asked to resign their charater so someone else who has the time and desire to play can take over. I would very much like to see the current players come back to participate but if they can't for whatever reason I hope they won't mind if someone else takes over. This shouldn't have to be a problem for you! -smiles-
"I've seen some boards that have minimum posting requirements"
Well, y'know, we have technically - no posting for over a month and your character is up for grabs, says so on the info page, but to be honest I'm far too soft to enforce it! Especially seeing as I'm good friends with one culprit and they say they want to keep their characters..!

*facepalm* Don't really know what to do about it :o\

"This shouldn't have to be a problem for you!"
*smiles* Thanks, doll.
hey, i found your journal randomoly and i was wondeirng if you had an activation code that i could give to a friend? if you do, write back..thnx!
i think ann would most definitely be an interesing character to join the game. also, poor ghost wouldn't be so very lonely with all of those darn undead ppl running around here. *grins*
two tumbs up for ann. :)
Thank You for the consideration Zillah, I understand that it might not come too I will enjoy it while it is here.

I too would be up for Ann coming back...I never liked that she had to leave in the first place...and maybe Steve would come around a bit more too.