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Out of the night we come...

...into the night we go.

Lost Souls
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In case it wasn't apparent, this RP has been dead since about 2004. If anyone wants to resurrect it or take it off our hands, please PM me. Thank you.

Lost Souls RPG.

All situations and characters (c) Poppy Z Brite 1992. No infringement of copyright intended. It's just for fun, ya'll!


1)When you join please add all other members of the community to your friends list, as a lot of the posting will take place on your private character journals.

2)When you join, please make an introductory post on the community journal lostsoulsrp to let everybody know you've arrived.

3) Could each character please try to post at least once a week? Obviously this isn't always possible, but it would keep the RP moving at a nice pace. If anyone leaves it a month without posting, we'll start advertising for a replacement.

4) Please send any applications for characters to siyamau@supanet.com, including your contact details, short character bio and a sample journal entry.

5) If you want to leave the RP, please be courteous and let us know so that we can advertise for a replacement - don't just disappear!

6) If you're already playing more than one character and want to put one up for 'adoption' let me know and I'll list them on this page. You can then keep playing them until we find someone willing to take over their journal.

7) If you disagree with anything in these rules, please let me know - it's not exactly written in stone!

8)All characters, whether canon or not, will be considered, but please contact us in some way before you join.

Characters Taken:

christians_bar - Christian
zillah_daddy - Zillah
__nothing__ - Nothing
steve_finn - Steve
__ghost__ - Ghost
chocolatejunkie - Molochai
candyfiend - Twig
deathiseasy - Yellow Twin
deathdoesnthurt - Red Twin

Characters Pending:


Characters Needed:

Characters Up For 'Adoption':

If Nothing, Steve, Molochai, Twig or Jean happen by, please could you contact us? Thank you.