Christian (christians_bar) wrote in lostsoulsrp,

OOC: Potential new member

I've been emailed by somebody who might be interested in playing Ann. She's currently just watching the RP to get a bit of a feel for it, but if she decides to join, what does everyone think? I know we've so far been playing as if Ann died, but I'm sure there's some way we can 'bring her back' if she wants to play? I think it'd be a nice surprise for the characters..!

I'd like to hear any opinions on this - exsanguinated, feel free to comment here too.

Also, what do people think about the current state of non-participating players? I know it's awkward when people have characters but don't play, but it's also tricky to broach the subject without sounding like a domineering mod. Any advice for me here? (Also, does anyone else know of anyone who might be interested in joining? C'mon, get pimping for lostsoulsrp!)

Thanks guys
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